Deputy Principal

Deputy Principal

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Disa Primary School, Redberry Street, Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, South Africa
Job Description


To provide strategic leadership across the full range of pedagogic activities within the school, working collaboratively with the educators, the supervisors, the principal, SGB and Common Good, the school operating partner (SOP), to ensure the highest possible level of teaching and learning within the school.

To drive and improve the standards of teaching and learning across the school, utilising effective coaching, mentoring and training techniques to ensure consistently good to outstanding teachers.

To lead the adaptation of the curriculum to the specific circumstances within the school, within the flexibility provided by the WCED, working collaboratively with the WCED circuit manager, the principal, the heads of department within the school and the Common Good staff.


The duties and responsibilities of the job are individual and varied, and include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • To play a collaborative role in the development of the school’s strategic and annual improvement planning and budgeting processes, working collaboratively with the principal, deputy principal operations, the SGB and Common Good.
  • To develop and implement the school’s teaching plan, to ensure that all teaching related aspects of school functioning and management operate seamlessly;
  • To serve as the primary point of contact for the SOP and other Collaboration School stakeholders on all education related issues, responding to requests and collaborating with teammates across the region to build scalable, region-wide education systems, policies, and procedures.


  • To manage with the principal all activities pertaining to the quality of teaching and learning;
  • To advocate and motivate teachers to adopt the school culture practices which have been decided upon by the SMT, SGB and teaching staff in order to demonstrate Disa Primary’s agreed upon values, thereby achieving the vision and mission of the school;
  • To possess a high capacity to manage multiple financial projects from start to finish;
  • To undertake new staff inductions;
  • To co-ordinate, in collaboration with SOP specialist staff, teacher  assessments, observations, coaching and mentoring;
  • To manage all educator staff training and development, providing a transformational development programme for all teaching staff;
  • To manage educator CPD, ensuring access to quality programmes.


  • To assist the principal in managing the ongoing staff performance process, with a focus on teacher performance;
  • To support supervisory and teaching staff to undertake their respective responsibilities in relation to the performance management system within the school, including providing training or accessing the same from the SOP;
  • To ensure that the performance system and cycle is transparent, documented, recorded and followed up on as required, in relation to any interventions, including recognition or performance improvement.


  • To lead the implementation of a curriculum which is tailored to the specific needs of the school, and within the parameters of flexibility provided for by the WCED for the Collaboration Schools project;
  • To manage the implementation of the curriculum within the school, providing support and advice to teaching staff;
  • To ensure all the education and performance related cycles are planned and aligned to the reporting cycles within the school, collaborating with the Principal and the SOP on the planning process.


  • To manage, co-ordinate and monitor learner assessments in order to inform curriculum requirements and other interventions;
  • To ensure rigorous assessment processes, monitoring and evaluation of performance of learners, teachers and teacher supervisors, identifying necessary interventions where required;
  • To pay special attention to bridging and remedial interventions;
  • To monitor learner performance and identify and implement strategies for improving learner outcomes where these are falling short of SIP goals.


  • To engage in class teaching as allocated by the principal, undertaking all normal functions related to an active teaching role;
  • To be a professional role model for learners and teachers in demeanour, appearance, attitude and performance;
  • To attend and participate in relevant professional development workshops/ seminars offered as part of the Collaboration Schools project and other service-providers, and leading by example by applying the knowledge and skills acquired in one’s own teaching practice and championing skills learnt in the IP.


  • To be responsible for school pedagogy including choice of textbooks, co-ordinating the work of subject committees and groups, timetabling, “INSET” and developmental programmes, and arranging teaching practice;
  • To assist the principal in overseeing learner counselling and guidance, careers, discipline, compulsory attendance and the general welfare of all learners;
  • To assist the principal in playing an active role in promoting extra and co-curricular activities in the school and in the participation in sports and cultural activities organised by community bodies;
  • To participate in departmental and professional committees, seminars and courses in order to contribute to and/or update one’s professional views/standards.


  • To guide and supervise the work and performance of subordinate staff and, where necessary, discuss and write or countersign reports;
  • To participate in agreed school/educator appraisal processes in order to regularly review their professional practice with the aim of improving teaching, learning and management.


  • To supervise/advise the a leadership team of learners (grade 7s);
  • To be the primary point of contact with the WCED circuit manager and SOP staff on all matters relating to curriculum, assessments and teacher development.


  • To meet with parents concerning learners’ progress and conduct;
  • To liaise on behalf of the principal with relevant government departments.



• Recognised REQV14 teacher qualification/Recognised 3 to 4 year teaching qualification

• SACE registration


5 years actual teaching experience

Previous experience as a Deputy or HOD



Any additional course/certificate in any of the specialised aspects of the position would be an advantage


• Prior leadership and management experience; successful team leadership and strong track record of results

• Experience working with underserved communities, families and/or learners

• Experience of having worked successfully in at least one school in an urban, multi-cultural setting, teaching students from  backgrounds of socio-economic disadvantage

• Experience of having led, or significantly contributed to, the success of a school


• Proficient in English and Afrikaans

• Computer and financial literacy, including Microsoft Word and Excel

• Code 8 driver’s licence


• Leadership and communication skills

• Extreme flexibility and the ability to multi-task, with a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit to accommodate high levels of responsibility and multiple priorities, while working towards clarity in an ever-changing environment

• Innovative

• Be action and outcome orientated; a problem-solver

• Collaborative

• Resilient

• Highly organised and efficient

• Pays attention to detail

• Committed to excellence

• Visionary

• Warm and demanding

• Willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to attain academic excellence

• Be able to work well with others in a fast-paced environment


To apply, please send a motivational cover letter, your CV and two recent work references to: by 18 September 2018.

This is a full-time, permanent, contract with the School Governing Body of Disa Primary School. The SGB offers a competitive salary and benefits package to the successful candidate.

NOTE: An application will not in itself entitle the applicant to an interview or appointment. Applicants who fail to meet the minimum requirements will be automatically disqualified from consideration. Applicants who do not receive a reply within one month of submission should deem their application to have been unsuccessful. We reserve the right not to fill the position.

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