Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I upload a job?

We will also gladly upload the vacancy for you. 

Send us an email with a school logo, full job details and which option you prefer to and your profile will be created for you.

  • The Onnie Media network consists out of Onnies Online, TEACHA! and other teacher-related pages. Vacancies are shown on Onnies Online as well as RSA Teaching Jobs. Teachers can also create an alert to stay up to date with a weekly email summary of new posts around South Africa.
  • Your vacancy is guaranteed to be posted on one or more of our network pages if you make use of one of our paid packages (excluding the featured post). Up to 50 000 teachers could see the vacancy! 

    Every now and again we may do a round-up of posts on RSA Teaching Jobs, but if you use the FREE package, your vacancy may not be showcased.

  • No. We do not send unsolicited emails to teachers or harvest their email addresses from the internet. All of our emails have an opt-out option and teachers are welcome to unsubscribe at any time, as prescribed by South African law.
  • If you make use of the Super Jobs Advert, your vacancy will be featured in at least one of the following emails:

    1. Onnies Online has a vacancy section on their email that goes out periodically to 2 000 + subscribers.
    2. TEACHA! has a vacancy section on their weekly email that goes out to 6 000 +  teachers every Sunday.
    3. Our friends at SchoolAdvisor has a vacancy section featuring teaching positions from RSA Teaching Jobs on their bi-weekly email to teachers and schools.

    If you make use of our Social Media Package, your vacancy will be shared on our social media page (7500+ likes), plus Onnies Online (23 000 likes) or a combination of our other Facebook & Twitter pages.

  • The featured post hovers on the side of the page for some excellent exposure. If you make use of the Super Jobs Package, this will be added for FREE.
  • The Super Jobs Package ensures that your vacancy is seen by the best suited candidates, as well as the biggest amount of teachers by making use of targeted advertising. Please contact us for more information regarding this offering.

    Of course the fact that your vacancy could be seen by an additional 8 000 teachers via email PLUS our social media network, makes it super!

    Why pay thousands for a newspaper ad?

    1. Teachers search Google for advertised posts.
    2. Teachers find and share advertised posts on Facebook.
    3. Younger teachers probably haven't bought a newspaper in about... forever.
    4. It's accessible to the entire country (newspapers are only distributed in specific areas).
    5. We reach higher numbers than some newspapers (especially when considering our social media reach has been more than 1,5 million views from July - November 2017)
  • Send us an email with your job post and a school logo to and we will send you an invoice.
  • We are available via email during office hours, but sometimes check it at night too. You are welcome to email us at
  • If all your details are correct in your job post and we do not need any other information from you, your post could be uploaded within minutes.

    However, if you send us a job vacancy via email, we try our best to get it uploaded as soon as possible.

  • No. And please do not send us your CV either.

    We are not a recruitment service and CVs should be sent directly to schools as they indicated in their advertisements.

    We discard any CVs sent to us immediately.

  • Yes, but not for free.

    The free option is only available to South African schools.

    Please send us an email to and we will gladly assist you.

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RSA Teaching Jobs has various packages that helps organisations to advertise vacant positions to thousands of teachers. Posting an advert in a daily or weekend newspaper could cost up to R7 000. Ours start from R50!


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